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A Pathway of Care for Vulnerable Families (0-3)

DescriptionGuidance to support the implementation of Getting it right for every child through continous assessment and a continuum of support.
ISBN 978-1-78045-09
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 22, 2011



ISBN 978 1 78045 092 6
DPPAS 11210

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1. Introduction
1.1 What children and families can expect from health care services

2. This guidance
2.1 Using the guidance
2.2 Culture, systems and practice
2.3 Questions and issues
2.3.1 Are we thinking about the whole child and family, their safety and well-being?
2.3.2 Are practitioners and agencies working together and is it clear who is doing what?
2.3.3 What is essential for responding to need and improving outcomes?
2.4 The design of an effective local pathway
2.4.1 Child and family centred
2.4.2 Outcome focused
2.4.3 Clarity for agencies working together
2.4.4 Communication
2.4.5 The named person and five key questions
2.4.6 Development of the child's plan

3. Universal journey for all children in Scotland
3.1 The universal journey
Figure 1: GIRFEC National Practice Model
3.2 Universal pathway of core contacts
Table 1: Universal Pathway Preconception to 3

4. Guidance on approaches from the antenatal period to age 3
4.1 Guidance on approaches within the antenatal period to enhance the universal pathway
4.1.2 Examples of questions to raise within SWHMR
4.2 Guidance on approaches to enhancing the universal pathway in the immediate postnatal period up to age 3
4.3 Protective and risk factors
4.3.1 Protective factors
4.3.2 Risk factors
4.4 What questions to ask
Table 2: Universal Pathway (enhanced) - birth up to age 3

5. Developing skills and capacities within the workforce

6. Acknowledgements
6.1 Steering group
6.2 Useful websites
6.3 References

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