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Update due to new legislation

19 April 2016

Please note – the Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook requires review and update in light of new legislation.  While it reflects the general process, references to specific legislation and templates may no longer be current.

Public Procurement Reform Programme: Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook

DescriptionThe Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook sets out the fundamental rules, behaviours and standards applicable to public procurement activity in Scotland.
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2008
Website Publication DateDecember 23, 2008


ISBN 978 0 7559 5953 2

This document is also available in pdf format (524k)


Ministerial Foreword

1. Introduction

2. Application

3. Procurement organisation and governance
Scope of public procurement
Procurement landscape
Procurement function
Role of the procurement function
Role of procurement officers
Role of the end user
Procurement skills
Governance and audit

4. Legal framework
EC Treaty
EC Procurement Directives and implementing Scottish Regulations
European Court of Justice and national caselaw
Meeting legal obligations
Formal challenges/complaints

5. Value for money

6. Competition

7. Collaboration

8. Construction projects

9. Working with suppliers
Suppliers' Charter
Standards expected of suppliers
Gifts and hospitality
Involving suppliers
Ethical standards
Handling complaints
Single Point of Enquiry

10. Corporate Social Responsibility

11. Equality and the Public Sector Equalities Duties

12. Health and Safety

13. Freedom of Information and Data Protection Act

14. Innovation

15. Business processes
Purchasing authority
Separation of duties
Ordering and payment procedures

16. Management information and best practice
Use of management information
Performance measurement and reporting
Best practice

17. Gateway Review

18. Supplementary guidance
Scottish Procurement Policy Notes
Scottish Procurement Action Notes
Scottish Procurement Directorate website
Policy Forum

Annex A Centres of Expertise