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The Crerar Review: The Report of the Independent Review of Regulation, Audit, Inspection and Complaints Handling of Public Services in Scotland



The task of reviewing the scrutiny sector and complaints handling systems in Scotland, which seemed daunting in prospect, has proved, in the event, to be no less daunting both in scope and complexity. That I have been able in the short time available to submit this Review owes much to those who have responded so readily to requests for information, the elucidation of their views and attending dialogue or other events. Others too have responded readily to requests for help, either in the form of discreet areas of research, advice or enlightenment in technical areas of the Review. Details of all those who have provided such assistance are contained in the supporting Appendices to the Review. I would like to express my sincere thanks for all their help and assistance.

The principal purpose of this acknowledgement is to express my heartfelt thanks to my small, but very hard working, Secretariat. The burden of organising the Review and assessing the outcomes of research and consultation fell to my colleague, Alison Cook, who led the Review team. I;am sure that without her dedication and application the Review would not have overcome the many hurdles and difficulties we encountered. My thanks too, to her fellow secretariat members: Sarah Wedgwood, Mark MacPherson, Morris Fraser, Craig Gilbert and Jenny Kinnear.

I was also greatly assisted by an expert panel who comprised: Dr Clive Grace, Professor Christopher Hood, Michael Lennon, Professor Sandra Nutley, Professor Ellie Scrivens and Douglas Sinclair. In addition, Antony Clark provided professional support. They unstintedly lent their time and support, particularly in helping me navigate important issues of principle and practicality, for which I am extremely grateful. It is important to record in relation to my expert panel that they were a reference group and were not part of the Review team. Accordingly, the responsibility for the views and recommendations contained in this report should fall in their entirety upon me.

Professor Lorne D Crerar

Independent Review of regulation, audit, inspection and complaints handling of public services in Scotland
September 2007