Youth justice standards: consultation analysis

We revised the youth justice standards which were first published in 2002. This report provides an analysis of the responses submitted to a consultation to gather views on new draft standards.

5. Face to Face consultation sessions

Two face-to-face consultation sessions were held with nine organisations represented. There was significant overlap, with all bar one organisation either contributing directly or indirectly to the online consultation. A preliminary analysis of the findings also revealed significant synergy with the findings from the formal online consultation, and it was not possible to isolate the individual's feedback who did not go on to participate in the online consultation. As such, a full analysis has not been conducted for the face-to-face sessions.

Key points that arose in the informal discussions which did not feature prominently in the online consultation include: the inclusion of case studies in the standards; the role of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) in the standards; a stronger emphasis on the role of families and family work; incorporation of equalities; and stronger links to education policy and independent advocacy developments.



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