Young Carer Grant Working Group minutes: March 2018

Minutes of the Young Carer Working Group meeting held on 15 March 2018.

Attendees and apologies


  • Lauren Baigrie, Member of Scottish Youth Parliament
  • Pamela Forsyth, Scottish Government, Programme Management and Delivery
  • Paul Gault, Young Scot
  • Ellie Graham, Edinburgh Young Carers Forum
  • Anna Grey, Edinburgh Young Carers Project
  • Kiran Haksar, Scottish Government, Carers Policy
  • Gordon Hanning, Scottish Government, Concessionary Travel and Integrated Ticketing Unit
  • Catherine Henry, Scottish Government, Analyst
  • Greig Kennedy, Edinburgh Young Carers Forum
  • Kirsteen Macleod, Scottish Government, Social Security Communications
  • Megan Marin, Edinburgh Young Carers Forum
  • Hannah Martin, Carers Trust Scotland
  • Jo McCorriston, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire Carers Centre
  • Eileen McMurdo, Scottish Government, Business Analyst
  • Kimberly Ratcliffe, Edinburgh Young Carers Forum
  • Ellen Searle, Scottish Government, Social Security Policy
  • Ruari Sutherland, Scottish Government, Analyst
  • Jessica Tabarias, Scottish Government, Social Security Service Design
  • David Taggart, Scottish Government, Social Security Policy
  • Paul Traynor, Social Security Policy, Chair
  • Lisa Tweedle, Scottish Government, Social Security Agency Implementation
  • Peggy Winford, Scottish Government, Carers Policy
  • Nancy Woodhead, Scottish Government, Bus and Local Transport Policy


  • Eddie Follan, COSLA
  • Rab Mackay, Scottish Government, Social Security Communications
  • Louise Morgan, Carers Trust Scotland
  • Margaret Murphy, Edinburgh Young Carers Project
  • Sandercock, Shared Care Scotland
  • Nicola Smith, Scottish Government, Social Security Policy
  • Angela Toal, CPAG  

Items and actions

Welcome and Actions from previous meeting

1. The Chair welcomed members to the third meeting of the Young Carer Grant Working Group and gave special thanks to Young Scot for hosting the meeting. Previous minutes had been agreed in advance via email and were now on the Scottish Government website. Actions were agreed as completed.

Young Carer Grant updates

2. The Chair noted that an update paper had been circulated prior to the meeting.

3. The Chair reminded members that the Young Carer Panel recruitment is live and encouraged members to promote the opportunity with their networks, on social media and with young carers that they are connected with.

Customer journeys

4. The Scottish Government Business Analyst working on the service design of Young Carer Grant provided an introductory presentation about customer journeys. In creating a customer journey for Young Carer Grant, young carer personas are developed and are tested across the application and engagement process for the grant. The learning and assumptions arising from customer journeys will then be tested with the Young Carer Panels and the findings will help inform the service design.

5. In response to a question on whether there will be an opportunity for members to contribute to the customer journeys in the future, it was noted that Scottish Government are keen to hear ideas and take inputs at any stage from member. It was explained that the group will have an opportunity to input to customer journeys at a future meeting.

Action: Scottish Government to include customer journeys as a future agenda item of the Working Group.

6. In response to a question regarding application windows, it was explained that application window dates are still being considered and will be brought back to the group for consideration.

7. In response to a question about how public transport operators will know when and who to provide free bus travel to, it was explained that the Social Security Directorate are only leading on the financial grant element. But that Transport officials are members of the Young Carer Grant Working Group to ensure a joined up approach with the free bus travel entitlement to recipients of the Young Carer Grant, which is due to commence in 2020/2021, further to piloting. It was acknowledged that the potential value of free bus travel could be more than the £300 provided by the grant.

8. In a response to a question about how to reach minority groups and harder to reach groups, it was acknowledged that this is a challenge, but that through the Young Carer Panels there has been targeted recruitment to encourage minority groups and harder to reach groups of young people to engage.

9. Following on from this, members suggested also targeting recruitment at private and independent schools as there may be young carers attending these schools and they should not be excluded.

Action: Scottish Government to plan targeted Young Carer Panel recruitment of young carers who attend private and independent schools to ensure their views are represents.

Impact assessments

10. The Chair noted that the draft Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessment (CRWIA) was sent out prior to the meeting. The first part of this agenda item focused on consulting and inputting on this. Members split into groups to feedback on the strengths of the CRWIA and help identify possible improvements.

11. The key identified strengths included how the document clearly links to children and young people’s rights and policy; including National Outcomes, SHANARRI (Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included) wellbeing indicators and the Untied National Convention on the Rights of the Child articles. One main area for improvement noted was to include the Responsible wellbeing indicator in the draft document.

Action: Scottish Government to add a Responsible wellbeing indicator section into the draft CRWIA.

12. The second section of this agenda item focused on discussing the impact of the grant to equality groups and provided members with an opportunity to feed into the development of the Equality Impact Assessment.

13. The full results of this exercise are set out in annex A.

Programme delivery updates

14. The Scottish Government Programme Management and Delivery lead working on Young Carer Grant provided a brief overview on the delivery plan for the grant. It was highlighted that Scottish Government is planning a day one solution, that aligns with an iterative approach to service design where user experience and feedback will drive future developments. currently working to a day one launch and will seek continuous improve to the process once live.

15. In early 2019 the discovery phase is planned to commence where Scottish Government will begin to build a system/service. It was also noted that the Young Carer Grant will not be the first benefit to go live under the new social security agency, so systems of delivery will already be in place. It is anticipated that these systems will be used to support delivery of the Young Carer Grant.


16. It was agreed that the group would meet again within the next two months, the date of which will be decided by members via online poll.

Action: SG Secretariat to issue a doodle poll with date options for future meetings.


Action For Date
Include customer journeys as a future agenda item for the Working Group SG Chair and SG Service Design Within six months of the meeting
Targeted Young Carer Panel recruitment of young carers who attend private and independent schools SG Analyst Within three months of the meeting
Add a Responsible wellbeing indicator section into the draft CRWIA SG Policy Lead Within two weeks of the meeting
Issue a doodle poll date options for future meeting SG Secretariat Within four weeks of the meeting

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