Young Carer Grant Working Group


The Young Carer Grant Working Group will provide their perspective and expertise to help inform the development of detailed policy and processes of the Young Carer Grant, and communications with young carers and their stakeholders to autumn 2019. These are intended to achieve the social security and carer outcomes, particularly that carers:

  • feel they are treated with dignity and respect
  • can easily access help and advice to claim the benefits to which they are entitled
  • can access a range of carer support.

The experience of young carers will drive our work. We will proactively ensure that diversity and equality issues are addressed to enable us to embody dignity and respect. The work of the group may be supported by short term working groups on specific issues.


  • Paul Traynor, Scottish Government (secondee) (acting Chair)
  • Kirsten Urquhart, Young Scot
  • Angela Toal, CPAG
  • Ellie Sandercock, Shared Care Scotland
  • Louise Morgan, Carers Trust
  • Holly Hoskisson, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire Carers Centre
  • Margaret Murphy, Edinburgh Young Carers Project
  • Lauren Baigrie, young carer and Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament
  • Nicola Dickie, CoSLA
  • Kiran Haksar, Scottish Government Carers Policy
  • Pamela Forsyth, Scottish Government Social Security Programme Management
  • Lisa Tweedle, Scottish Government Social Security Agency
  • Catherine Henry, Scottish Government Social Security Analysis
  • Ellen Searle, Scottish Government Social Security Policy