Working in partnership with scrutiny bodies: advice note

This advice note summarises the powers and responsibilities of our respective health and social care scrutiny bodies and sets out the rationale for how Integration Authorities can work jointly with these organisations.

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8. Selection of areas to be inspected

8.1 The selection of the Integration Authority areas that will be subject to a strategic inspection in 2015/16 will be identified by taking an intelligence led, risk based approach.

8.2 Key factors that are used to inform the selection of areas for inclusion in the inspection programme each year include:

  • The outcomes of each year's annual shared risk assessment (SRA) of each Local Authority in Scotland.
  • Information and intelligence sharing between the Care Inspectorate and Healthcare Improvement Scotland through integrated health and care assessments.
  • Information and intelligence gathered through other regulatory activities and scrutiny of regulated care services within each partnership area.
  • Other planned scrutiny activity in the Local Authority area and Health Board area (e.g. Best Value audit activity, Community Planning Partnership audit work, housing or education inspection work, hospital inspections or NHS governance work).

8.3 Information is also shared between members of the national scrutiny schedulers and planners group to ensure that work is co-ordinated well and reflected in the National Scrutiny Plan.



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