Working Group for Missing People in Scotland: National Framework for Missing Persons - implementation report

The working group for missing people were asked by the Minister of Community Safety to support and assess the implementation of the National Framework for Missing People aims and recommendations. This report sets out the groups findings from their implementation review.


1. Survey received 111 responses, incorporating all 32 local authorities. Survey findings are not representative and cannot be generalised to a wider population.

2. Question base: 105 respondents

3. Question base: 109 respondents. 

4. Question base: 109 respondents 

5. Question bases: 109 respondents and 102 respondents.

6. Question base: 111 respondents 

7. Question base: 106 respondents 

8. Question base: 106 respondents

9. Question base: 107 respondents

10. Question base: 105 respondents

11. Question base: 106 respondents



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