Work First Scotland: privacy impact assessment

Privacy impact assessment for our Work First Scotland programme, which will provide employability support for disabled people under the terms of the Scotland Act 2016.

4. Stakeholder analysis and consultation

4.1 The following groups are involved in this project:

  • Jobcentre Plus staff (including Work Coaches and Disability Employment Advisors), who are responsible for making referrals to Work First Scotland
  • Statutory Referral Organisations (full list at Annex B) who will – in some cases – introduce customers to SG service providers as potential Work First Scotland customers.
  • Momentum Skills, Shaw Trust and Remploy are Work First Scotland contracted providers, who are responsible for delivering services to customers
  • DWP staff including Jobcentre Plus Work Coaches who will make referrals and staff in Contracted Employment Provision Directorate ( CEPD )who are responsible for supporting the delivery of DWP’s Provider Referral and Payment System ( PRAP) on behalf of SG
  • SG Contract Performance and Operations Team ( CPOT) who are responsible for managing contracts with SG service providers, including performing validation checks.

4.2 During 2015 SG consulted extensively to inform the development of Scotland’s employability services. Following careful and independent analysis of the responses received, the key principles and values of the Scottish Approach to employability which will underpin devolved employability services in Scotland from 1 April 2017 were set out in March 2016 in Creating a Fairer Scotland: A New Future for Employability Support in Scotland (

4.3 As part of the continued Fairer Scotland discussion, the Scottish Government’s Employability Programme Division engaged the Central Government Digital Transformation Service ( CGDTS) and User Research and Engagement ( URE) teams to explore the personal experiences of people engaging with employability services. 21 organisations and over 150 individuals participated and the report was completed in December 2016.

4.4 No specific consultation on this PIA was considered necessary as the programme has been designed with minimal change from existing processes in order to provide a continuity of service for this transitional year. For example, SG service providers are the same as those currently delivering Work Choice for DWP and continue to satisfy existing DWP security requirements; referrals to WFS will be made using DWP’s existing PRAP system.

4.5 This PIA will be shared with DWP and published on the SG website.


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