Women's health plan

The Women’s Health Plan underpins actions to improve women’s health inequalities by raising awareness around women’s health, improving access to health care and reducing inequalities in health outcomes for girls and women, both for sex-specific conditions and in women’s general health.

11 Conclusion

The implementation of the actions identified in this Plan will be challenging, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact of the pandemic, particularly on the health and social care workforce, should not be underestimated, nor should the health inequalities which have been brought into sharp focus throughout the pandemic.

This Plan will be implemented alongside Covid-19 recovery and renewal plans. We acknowledge the resourcing challenges faced across the health and social care sector and the need for this Plan to align with other priorities.

Despite the challenges faced, the pandemic has provided opportunity for innovation and scope to do things differently for women's health, particularly as we consider how services will recover and remobilise post-Covid-19.

In bringing this Plan together we have highlighted the systemic failures that exist for women in Scotland. This is our opportunity to address these inequalities and build a fairer future where health outcomes are equitable across the population of Scotland so that all women enjoy the best possible health throughout their lives. Put simply, it is time to act for the women of Scotland.


Email: womenshealthplan@gov.scot

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