Winter Heating Payment (Low Income) (Scotland): island communities impact assessment

This island communities impact assessment ICIA) sets out to assess the specific impact of the introduction of the Winter Heating Payment on Scottish island communities.

Recommendations and Conclusions

56. Through the work undertaken to produce this impact assessment in partnership and consultation with benefit recipients, stakeholders and island Local Authorities, it is clear that living in island communities present unique challenges for people on low incomes.

57. Through this ICIA, the Scottish Government could not identify evidence that the introduction of WHP will directly or indirectly discriminate against those that live in island communities.

58. This ICIA has outlined the ways in which the introduction of WHP is likely to have a positive impact on people on low incomes in island communities. WHP provides a financial contribution towards fuel bills throughout the winter which it is accepted may be higher throughout the year for those living in island communities. The removal of the weather dependency component will have a direct positive impact on those who did not receive CWPs previously due to the islands temperatures being typically higher than those in other parts of Scotland. This group will now be able to get additional financial support with heating costs during the winter months.

59. The Scottish Government has concluded that no further changes to WHP are necessary as a result of the ICIA. There will be continuous review of the impact of WHP to ensure it meets the needs of all those that it is designed to support.



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