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Wilson Review of support for Scottish exporting

Published: 2 Feb 2016

UK Government response to the Wilson Review of support for Scottish exporting, announcing the short-life, cross-government Joint Working Group.

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Wilson Review of support for Scottish exporting
Wilson Review of Support for Scottish Exporting - Joint Action Plan

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Wilson Review of Support for Scottish Exporting - Joint Action Plan

Delivering simplicity and clarity across the diverse portfolios of high quality public and private export support available to businesses in Scotland.

A simple digital offer for business

  • The '' website will provide a single point of access for online information on government services for businesses in Scotland, with information aimed directly at business users and improved signposting to other websites.
  • A Digital Forum involving UKTI, SDI, the Welsh Government, Invest NI and London & Partners (along with MIDAS [2] and Business Birmingham partners) has been established to share these agencies' approaches to the digital delivery of services with a view to building on best practice, preventing duplication and making trade and investment services both easier to find and access digitally and available to a wider group of companies. This will include information on exporting being clearly signposted on UKTI and SDI websites, along with links to advice and support available from UKTI, SDI and UK Export Finance.
  • In line with this wider agenda, SDI is rolling out a 'Digital First' approach in Scotland which will improve the digital availability of, and access to, trade and investment services.

Achieving greater collaboration, co-operation and alignment between the organisations serving Scottish exporters.

The Partnership Forum - trade and investment representatives from UKTI and SDI (together with representatives from London & Partners, Invest NI and the Welsh Government) are working together to jointly progress initiatives to maximise delivery of trade and investment opportunities across the UK. These initiatives are focused on:

  • targeting innovative and high growth SMEs;
  • realising high value opportunities;
  • promoting locations and clusters of opportunity, to attract high quality inward investment; and
  • building strategic relationships.

The Partnership Forum reports to the strategically focussed Executive Forum of Chief Executive representatives from the devolved administrations on a six monthly basis.

Shared UKTI/ SDI agenda - trade and investment representatives from UKTI and SDI are working together to:

  • consider what services these agencies deliver to companies at different stages of exporting and how to achieve the best possible alignment in services and use of expertise;
  • develop training/guidance for in-market staff on Scotland's exports and inward investment priorities;
  • jointly design and deliver UK-wide initiatives (for example the UK Explore Export roadshows, Exporting is GREAT campaign and UK Financial Centres of Excellence) in Scotland, ensuring that these recognise and take account of Scotland's strengths and involve key partners; and
  • co-ordinate activity around high growth markets such as India and China.

Working with partners

SDI has established a new Community of Practice which brings together the range of organisations in Scotland involved in supporting exporters and attracting investment to Scotland. Public sector members of the Community of Practice include Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway, Visit Scotland, UKTI and Scotland Office, alongside organisations such as SCDI, the Confederation of British Industry Scotland, China British Business Council, Scottish Cities Alliance, Scottish Chambers of Commerce and Scottish North American Business Council. Its role is to:

  • co-ordinate events across Scotland and provide support to partner organisations;
  • identify opportunities for joint working on visits by potential investors, market awareness events and trade missions; and
  • ensure greater visibility of internationalisation activity across Scotland.

The Community of Practice will meet on a quarterly basis.


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