Exempting energy intensive industries from the indirect costs of the renewables obligation: consultation analysis

Analysis of information provided by respondents to the consultation where we were seeking views on the eligibility of Energy Intensive Industries to be exempted from indirect costs associated with renewable electricity policies.

2. The Consultation

The purpose of this consultation was to gather views from interested parties on a proposal to widen the eligibility of EII for exemption from the indirect policy costs of the ROS.

The consultation, sought views on the same proposals for widening eligibility put forward by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) who have oversight of the UK Renewables Obligation.

The consultation opened on 21 June 2018 and closed on 14 September 2018. The following questions were asked:

Consultation Questions

No. Question Responses
1a Does the current eligibility threshold (20% electricity intensity) create any competitive distortions? 3
1b If so, which set of options would best address such options? 3
1c Should Scottish Government consider amending the ROS to deliver similar, or the same, changes? 3
2a Are there alternative options to operate ROS exemption in Scotland? 3
2b If so, what form could these alternatives take? 1
2c What impact would divergent eligibility rules create in Scotland for Energy Intensive Industries, non-exempt businesses and consumers? 2


Email: andrew.mccall@gov.scot

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