Wealth and Assets in Scotland 2006 - 2012

This report presents analysis of Scottish data from the Wealth and Assets Survey 2006-2012, with a particular focus on findings from the third wave of the survey, covering the period 2010/12. This updates the report Wealth and Assets in Scotland 2006-10, which was published in May 2014.


1. http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/Browse/Social-Welfare/IncomePoverty/wealthscotland
2. Wightman, A (2011) The Poor Had no Lawyers: Who Owns Scotland (and How They Got It), Birlinn
3. Households were sorted in ascending order in terms of total wealth from the least wealthy households to the wealthiest.
4. Economically inactive people are those who are not in employment and are not actively seeking employment. This group includes those who have caring responsibilities, those who are unable to take up employment (for example through disability or ill-health) as well as those with private incomes.
5. While the percentage moving up and down will by definition balance across the population as a whole, this need not necessarily be the case here as deciles for each wave were calculated for the whole sample whereas the analysis on whether people moved decile included only those that were in the longitudinal sample.
6. http://england.shelter.org.uk/news/february_2014/average_earners_need_29k_pay_rise_to_keep_up_with_house_prices


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