Victims Taskforce papers: December 2022

Papers from the meeting of the group on 7 December 2022.

COPFS’ Information Services Division (ISD) have developed the first Witness Gateway product, which focusses on witness availability management. This reflects engagement with internal stakeholder groups. Delivery focus in first year on confirming witness availability for trials with full implementation multi-year. Other functionality includes secure access to statements, witness support services and expenses claims which will be released in phases over 2023. Project is aligned with VIA Modernisation Programme and appropriate Scottish Government and witness stakeholder user research engagement being applied. ISD has recently further engaged with Scottish Government Justice Directorate officials to update on delivery and engagement.

Delivery overview

  • Witness Gateway is included in the Scottish Government’s Vision for Justice in Scotland 2022 and is a deliverable in the published Year One Delivery Plan
  • Witness Gateway will be evaluated and introduced from Q4 2022/23
  • focus in first year on confirming witness availability for trials and providing access to witness statements
  • full implementation will be multi-year

Delivery timescales

  • Nov 2022: COPFS Chief Digital Officer publishing Witness Gateway service and delivery framework
  • q3 2022/23: lead stakeholder engagement
  • Dec 2022: delivery plan published
  • q3-4 2022/23: product development and readiness for release
  • by end March 2023: Release of initial Witness Gateway solution (based on witness availability and statements and agreed witness types/cases scope)


Victims Taskforce minutes: December 2022

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