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Victim Surcharge Fund: guidance

Published: 21 May 2020
Justice Directorate
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Communities and third sector, Law and order

This guidance for organisations that provide support to victims of crime sets out how the Victim Surcharge Fund will operate and explains the application process, assessment criteria for awards, and what the Fund can and cannot be used for.

Victim Surcharge Fund: guidance
Annex A: Victim Surcharge Fund Flow Chart

Annex A: Victim Surcharge Fund Flow Chart

Victim Surcharge Fund Flow Chart
Victim Surcharge Fund Flow Chart

Flow Chart text:

Offender fined by court and victim surcharge imposed
Offender pays fine and victim surcharge to SCTS
SCTS transfers victim surcharge funds collected to SG on a regular basis
Funds are allowed to accrue following establishment of surcharge
SG invites bids from victim support organisations (VSOs) for a share of the Fund via a robust application process
Agreement reached between SG and successful VSOs – similar to a grant funding agreement - and funds distributed
Victim receives help or support from a VSO
If a VSO considers that a victim may benefit from use of the Fund (whether on request by the victim or identification of need by VSO), and proposed use is in line with this Guidance then help or support is provided
VSOs monitor and record spending and report regularly to SG; SG prepare annual report