Victim notification scheme for victims of offenders with a mental disorder

Information leaflet on eligibility and registration for the victim notification scheme for victims of offenders with a mental disorder.

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Offenders with a Mental Disorder

These are offenders who have been found by the court (after hearing medical evidence), to have a mental disorder. The judge must be satisfied that medical treatment is available to treat the disorder and its effects or to try to prevent them worsening. The court can order the person to be detained in hospital for treatment, or receive treatment in the community for 6 months. This order is called a compulsion order and can be looked at and extended by the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland (the Tribunal).

If the court considers the offender to pose a risk of serious harm to the public, it can also give the offender a restriction order. This order means they will be detained 'without limit of time'. The Tribunal reviews these orders, and the Scottish Ministers have to approve any request for a move between hospitals or leave from the hospital (suspension of detention).

This Victim Notification Scheme relates to offenders who are under a compulsion order and a restriction order.


Victim Liaison Officer:

The Scottish Government
St Andrew's House
Regent Road

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