Update to: A User's Guide to Self-directed Support in Scotland (2012)

Since the publication of the User’s Guide to Self-directed Support in 2009 there have been some significant developments to national policy, including the publication of a National Strategy and the passing of an Act on self-directed support.

Legislation on Self-directed Support

The Scottish Government has been developing legislation on self-directed support to underpin the aims of the Strategy.

The new Act is designed to help create a fairer balance between the citizen and the state by clearly set out rights and responsibilities of both community care recipients and practitioners.

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Key Points

The Act will:

  • introduce the language and terminology of self-directed support into statute;
  • place a duty on local authorities to offer four options of self-directed support to citizens:
    • Option 1, the local authority makes a direct payment to the supported person for them to arrange their support (this can include the purchase of support);
    • Option 2, the supported person chooses their support and the local authority makes arrangements for the support on the person's behalf;
    • Option 3, the local authority selects the appropriate support and arranges support on behalf of the supported person; and
    • Option 4, a mix of options 1, 2 and 3 for specific aspects of a person's support.
  • provide a discretionary power to councils to provide support to carers following a carer's assessment;
  • place a duty on local authorities to explain the nature and effect of each option; in other words - to ensure that the person can make an informed choice; and
  • consolidate, modernise and clarify existing laws on direct payments.

This guide will be updated to reflect changes in the law.

For more information visit:

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This addendum should be read in conjunction with the original publication, Directing Your Own Support: A User's Guide to Self-Directed Support in Scotland
ISBN 978-0-7559-5995-2 March 2009


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