Renewable heat target and action: 2021 update

An update on the progress toward meeting the target of 11% of non-electrical heat demand from renewable sources by 2020.


1. The 2020 11% renewable heat target was set by the 2009 Renewable Heat Action Plan which was replaced by the 2015 Heat Policy Statement and the 2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland. The 2021 Heat in Buildings Strategy replaces these earlier plans for the promotion of heat from renewable sources, and sets a provisional renewable heat target that will be reviewed in the 2022 Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. This report addresses progress toward the 2020 11% target.

2. The figure for 2019 has been revised since the 2020 Update on Renewable Heat Target and Action. This is due to improvements in data collection, access and processing.

3. Increased energy consumption is not specific to Scotland; it has increased across the UK as a whole between 2016 and 2017 and in most European countries as well.



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