United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) The Scottish Government's Draft Delivery Plan (2016-2020) - Consultation

This draft plan sets out our aim to removing barriers and enabling disabled people to enjoy equal access to citizenship. Over 50 commitments will help us deliver the four outcomes and three cross cutting themes that will bring about change to disabled people. We will consider the views of disabled people on this approach and finalise our plan in spring 2016

5. The next steps

This delivery plan progresses our work to make UNCRPD a reality for disabled people in Scotland. It outlines the Scottish Government's strategic approach, our key outcomes and the commitments which will help us make progress towards them over the lifetime of the plan.

The Scottish Government is determined to make real and lasting progress towards realising disabled people's human rights, and we believe that delivering the commitments set out in this draft plan will help. We are committed to working with disabled people and their organisations, and with our delivery partners over the months and years ahead. In doing so, we will reduce the inequalities and social injustice experienced by disabled people, enable them to make their full contribution to their communities and to our country.

Disabled People's Organisations will be crucial in helping to gather the views of disabled people across Scotland as part of the consultation on this draft plan, and this will help inform the final plan, which we will publish in the summer of 2016.

Initial contacts have now been forged between policy areas and Disabled People's Organisations to begin the long-term conversation on how disabled people can build on the commitments that have been made by the Scottish Government. In turn, policy areas should take on board the views and needs of disabled people to develop and shape new initiatives as the delivery plan develops over the next few years. It is important that Disabled People's Organisations are connected to the policy drivers that will bring about significant and lasting change.


Q17: Section 5 of the delivery plan details the next steps for the Scottish Government's approach to making the UNCRPD a reality for disabled people in Scotland. Do you have any comments on this section, or anything additional you would like to see added here?

Q18: Are there any other comments you would like to make on the overall delivery plan, to inform its further development and implementation?


Email: Catherine Hewit

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