Understanding Why Some People Do Not Use Buses

This research explores perceptions of bus services and barriers to use amongst people who do not use buses often, and looks at what might encourage them to use buses more in future.


The authors would like to thank everyone involved in this study. First and foremost, we are extremely grateful to the focus group and interview participants who gave up their time to speak to us.

For help with recruitment we would like to thank:

  • Staff at Enable Scotland, especially Lena Gillies and Susan Davies, who helped recruit interview participants;
  • Johanna Mailhot and Nicolas Krzyzanowski for their help recruiting participants from the Scottish Household Survey; and
  • Staff at Propeller, Linda White and Maureen Sanderson for recruiting focus group participants.

We are very grateful to the steering group at the Scottish Government and the research manager - Carol Brown - for their advice and support throughout the research. Thanks are also due to: Simon Anderson and Chris Creegan for support and advice; Lesley Birse for research support; Irene Miller for focus group facilitation and depth interviewing; Martine Miller for help with analysis and focus group facilitation; Anne Birch for help with charting and; Ann Rennie and Ronnie Butcher for transcription.

Responsibility for this report lies wholly with the authors.

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