Prison population: mental health needs

Research into mental health issues experienced by people in prison. One of four studies on the health needs of Scotland's prison population.

List of abbreviations

ADHD Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder

AHP Allied health professional

ASD Autism spectrum disorder

AUD Alcohol use disorder

CIS-R Clinical Interview Schedule - Revised

CJVSF Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum

FASD Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder

GP General practitioner

HMIPS His Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland

HMP His Majesty's Prison

HMYOI His Majesty's Young Offender Institute

ID Intellectual disability

MDMHT Multidisciplinary mental health team

MWC Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

NHS National Health Service (Scotland)

NPHN National Prisoner Healthcare Network

NPS Novel psychoactive substances

OCD Obsessive-compulsive disorder

PD Personality disorder

PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder

SHeS Scottish Health Survey

SMI Severe mental illness

SIMD Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

SPS Scottish Prison Service

SRU Separation and reintegration unit

TBI Traumatic brain injury

TTD Transfer for Treatment Direction



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