Prison population health needs: synthesis report

This report highlights common themes and recommendations from four health needs assessments of Scotland's prison population. The assessments cover physical health, mental health, social care and substance use related needs.


1. Graham, D.L., 2007. Prison Health in Scotland-A Health Care Needs Assessment.

2. Royal College of Nursing Scotland, 2016. Review of the Transfer of Prison Health Care from the Scottish Prison Service to NHS Scotland.

3. NHS Highland, 2021. Health and Healthcare Needs Assessment: Inverness Prison.

4. Organisations represented in the Needs Assessment Advisory group include the National Prison Care Network, Public Health Scotland, the Scottish Prison Service, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons for Scotland, Community Justice Scotland, NHS Lanarkshire, Community Justice Sector Voluntary Forum and Scottish Government.

5. Needs assessments suggest this partnership could include (but not be limited to): SPS and private contractors (currently Serco and Sodexo), the National Prison Care Network, all Scottish Health Boards, the Criminal Justice Third Sector Forum (CJVSF), all Integration Authorities, and all Alcohol and Drug Partnerships.



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