Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme in Scotland: expressions of interest data reconciliation exercise – February 2023

Latest management information on the outcomes of the reconciliation exercise of data relating to expressions of interest to host displaced people from Ukraine across local authorities in Scotland.

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Since the publication of the expressions of interest data reconciliation exercise in February 2023, Angus council contacted us to inform that their initial data submission was incomplete due to data processing issues. Although we acknowledged that this published data set may be prone to some degree of error, specifically due to the nature of the data being drawn from live administrative systems and data entry being manual, we have agreed to provide an amendment here. This amendment has not been applied to the published excel tables on this page as the high extent of workload, such an update entails, would impact on ongoing analytical work. The figures included in this amendment have been rounded to the nearest five in line with the disclosure control applied to the initial publication. These amended figures would also affect the overall Scotland level totals reported in Table 1. Angus council have not provided any further amendments for Tables 2 and 3.

Angus council have provided an amendment to their records as of 16 March. The data shows a total number of properties submitted by expressions of interest at 135. Total number of properties where no checks were completed have been updated to less than 5. Total number of properties where one check was completed (property or disclosure) should be 135,  with 115 properties where both property and disclosure checks were completed. Total number of properties which passed both checks and were cleared for hosting has been updated to 115, with 45 properties having been matched with a guest since the scheme began and 95 displaced Ukrainian guests matched to hosts who submitted expressions of interest.

An errata was published on 17 February 2023 as a result of changes to Table 1 of the publication. Due to an IT error a number of rows in the table appeared in an incorrect order. This did not affect the overall figure for Scotland. The rows have been amended accordingly. This was a technical error and the change does not affect Table 2 or Table 3.

This is an ad-hoc release of management information and does not constitute an Official Statistics or National Statistics release.

The Code of Practice for Statistics was published by the UK Statistics Authority in February 2018 to set standards for organisations in producing and publishing official statistics and ensure that statistics serve the public good. Whilst the data are not designated as official statistics, the principles of transparency of high-quality analytical outputs to inform decision making and the public underpin this data release: a statement of compliance is available at the ‘Voluntary compliance’ tab of the spreadsheet of tables.

The Scottish Government conducted a data reconciliation project to gather updates on the checking, matching and availability statuses of expressions of interest to host shared with local authorities. Local authorities returned data on expressions of interest between November 2022 and January 2023.


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