UK dolphin and porpoise conservation strategy: action sheets

Actions arising from the proposed UK Dolphin and Porpoise Conservation Strategy we are currently consulting on.

Developing Actions and Review

1. This document provides detail on the actions identified in the UK Dolphin and Porpoise Conservation Strategy (Table 3). The High-Level Strategy provides the rationale for the development of the actions, with the associated vulnerability and confidence scores provided in the Technical Report.

2. Each action is displayed in Action Sheets that are based on the approach adopted by OSPAR. These Action Sheets provide more detailed information on each action.

3. The High-Level Strategy and the technical report will be reviewed on a six yearly cycle. The detail around the actions have been pulled into this Action Plan as this will be a living document. In developing the actions and associated projects, there will need to be a more frequent update to this document than to the main strategy or the Technical Report.

4. The six yearly review will assess progress against the stated purpose of the strategy.



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