Climate Change Act - Section 72: twelfth annual report

Information and conclusions fulfilling our annual reporting requirements on the operation of Section 3F of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997.


1. ClimateXChange (2016) The Effectiveness of Greenhouse Gas Emission Policies in Scottish Local Development Plans

2. Scottish Government commissioned research on section 3F to inform the development of a revised National Planning Framework

3. The 2009 Act is amended by the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019, Sections 72 and 73 of the 2009 Act are unchanged

4. Section 3F: Greenhouse gas emissions policies, Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997

5. Section 73: Annual report on operation of section 72, Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009

6. Scottish Government (2018) Climate Change Plan: third report on proposals and policies 2018 – 2032 (RPP3).

7. Scottish Government (2020) Securing a green recovery on a path to net zero: climate change plan 2018–2032 – update

8. Scottish Government (2019) Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, section 2 (4) (e)

9. Scottish Government (2017) The future of energy in Scotland: Scottish energy strategy

10. Heat in Buildings Strategy - achieving net zero emissions in Scotland's buildings

11. Scottish Government (2022) Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) pilot programme: synthesis evaluation

12. Scottish Government (2021) - Draft Guidance Section 6 Energy Domestic

13. Scottish Governement (2021) Building Standards Domestic Technical Handbook (extract) Consultation proposals – Section 6 Energy

14. Scottish Futures Trust – Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard

15. Scottish Government (2016) Empowering planning to deliver great places: independent review report

16. Scottish Government (2017) Places, People and Planning: consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system

17. Scottish Government (2017) Places, People and Planning – Position Statement

18. Scottish Government (2019) Planning (Scotland) Act 2019

19. Transforming Planning website

20. Development plan preparation: change in approach, Scottish Government, August 2016

21. Development Plan Gateway (DPGW) – Service Standard, Scottish Government, August 2016

22. Effectiveness of greenhouse gas emissions policies in local development plans, ClimateXChange, University of Dundee, March 2016

23. Scottish Government (2017) Places, people and planning: consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system

24. Scottish Government (2017) Planning Review: analysis of consultation responses

25. Scottish Government (2017): Places, people and planning Position Statement

26. It is recognised that Building Standards are likely to change during the lifetime of this Plan. Therefore, the requirements are percentages of the Building Standard in operation at the time at which applications are being determined.



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