Transvaginal Mesh Removal Reimbursement Scheme 2023

Sets out the particulars of the Transvaginal Mesh Removal Reimbursement Scheme 2023.


1 2022 asp 1.

2 The Common Services Agency is commonly known as NHS National Services Scotland (NSS).

3 1978 c.29.

4 Section 1(2) provides that “mesh removal surgery” is surgery a principal purpose of which is to wholly or partially remove from a person’s body synthetic mesh which was originally implanted transvaginally (that is, by means of insertion through the person’s vaginal wall) for the purpose of treating stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. See also section 1(3) for the definition of “qualifying” in relation to mesh removal surgery.

5 2000 c.7. Section 15 was relevantly amended by paragraph 158 of schedule 17 of the Communications Act 2003 (c.21).

6 For travel to the United States of America an application for an authorisation might be made using the Electronic system for travel authorisation known as ESTA.

7 This would be where the applicant or the person supporting them had used their own vehicle or had hired a vehicle.

8 GBP, British Pounds.

9 For example, travel to premises for a meal, or travel from accommodation to place of surgery.

10 GBP, British Pounds.

11 United States Dollars. This will be converted into GBP for the purposes of making a reimbursement payment, see paragraph 6(3) of this Scheme.

12 For example, where a person has receipts for meals they can provide those receipts and choose not to be reimbursed at the flat subsistence rate.



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