Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review

The final report on the Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review.

Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review

This report is about the planning, processes and execution of the Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review. I was commissioned to undertake a case record review and produce a template that would accommodate a larger number of people who wished to have their case records reviewed. Starting with a blank canvas, I am grateful to the Directorate for the Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer who have been steadfast in their support of this Review. To my colleague Rachel Bond for her creative insights, good advice and IT skills - thank you!

It is often said the engagement between law and medicine is not an easy one. This was the opposite of my experience when working with my clinical colleagues on the Panel. Their patience and generosity in explaining the nuances of the history, care and treatment of this area has done much to enrich my understanding. Each brought a unique perspective to our discussions and to our recommendations. Mr Ian Currie, Dr Carey Lunan, Professor Anthony Smith and I express our warm thanks to our administrator, Irene Brown. Irene’s common sense, kindness and patience is the backbone that has supported every stage of the Review. Irene, may I wish you a long and happy retirement.

Finally, I express my gratitude to the 18 women who came forward to have their case records reviewed. Their personal experience and insight have informed much of the structure and content of this Report. Despite personal and emotional cost, the majority of these women engaged in the Review, not only or even for themselves, but to make a difference to the quality of life for other women. I hope that this Report reflects their experiences and that we learn from them.

Alison Britton, Professor of Healthcare and Medical Law, Glasgow Caledonian University. 20 June 2023



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