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Transforming Outpatient Services: Patient Reminder Services Change Package

Published: 28 Feb 2014
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Package of information and resources providing details re how to plan, adopt, implement and monitor effectiveness of patient reminder services and includes evidence base, resources, information and contacts for NHS teams to use.

Transforming Outpatient Services: Patient Reminder Services Change Package
Transformig Outpatients Services

Transformig Outpatients Services

Transforming Outpatients Services

Aims Rational for change concept Change Package Resources
  • All people are seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right person
  • 2016: Reduction in DNAs to 7% (Represents achievement of 2013 uppoer quartile
  • Provide safe, effective and person centred appointment booking
  • Improve patient flow and capacity management
  • Optimise utilisation of clinic resources and maximise opportunity of filling cancelled slots
  • Communication and engagement
  • Capturing and communicate current demographics, additional needs and preferred mode of communication
  • Design patient reminder service and select system provider(s)
  • Implement patient reminder service
  • Review demand and capacity management at the start and on an ongoing basis
  • Ongoing communication and review
  • Scottish Government leaflet re rights and responsibilities
  • Rights and responsibilities legislation
  • National Access Policy
  • NHS inform
  • Local EQIA assessor
  • NHS Health Scotland
  • Local Calidcott Guardians
  • NHS 24
  • PRS User Contacts


Email: Fiona Bernardis