Transforming nursing, midwifery and health professions roles: advance nursing practice

The second in a series of brief papers on the Transforming Roles programme outlines guidance for employers on developing advanced nursing practice in NHSScotland.

Annex 2: Guidance on advanced nursing practice

Area NHS boards/employers of ANPs should:
Nursing governance structures ensure that ANPs are embedded in nursing governance structures, with clear lines of responsibility and accountability leading through the professional nursing line: working across traditional organisational boundaries may be required to facilitate this where no suitable professional nursing governance structure is in place
Clinical competence ensure ANPs can demonstrate competence across all four pillars of advanced practice
Career Framework ensure ANP posts are aligned to Level 7 of the Career Framework and reviewed at minimum against Agenda for Change ( AfC) band 7
Qualifications ensure ANPs have a Master’s-level qualification with a core educational focus on development of competence
Clinical supervision ensure ANPs have effective clinical supervision and support through competence frameworks and supervision models
Competence, capability and continuous professional development ensure:
  • established practitioners are mapped against current recommendations and local arrangements are agreed to meet any gaps in competence and capability
  • ongoing continuous professional development for ANPs is demonstrable and evidenced
  • identification of requirements for ANPs is carried out during periods of service change or development, using an accepted service needs-analysis tool
Evaluation of impact work with the Scottish Government to consider evaluation of the impact of advanced practice in any given environment
Service-level impact collect baseline data prior to implementing a new model or initial test phase, with follow-up and review post service-change
Quality assurance ensure quality of care is evaluated as part of the supervision model, with patient-record review and direct supervision being used to evaluate the competence and effectiveness of each ANP prior to thematic review across the service
Review and recording of existing workforce review the existing nursing workforce at AfC band 7 and above against the definition, competences and requirements of advanced practice: those matching directly should be logged as ANPs on the NHS Employee Support System ( eESS) or Scottish Workforce Information Standard System ( SWISS)
ANP job description use the points within this paper to populate the job description, specifically the definition, education and supervision requirements, core clinical competences and the four pillars; any local variance should be in the form of addenda to these points matched to AfC – each NHS board should then have a core job description for ANPs within the board


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