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Training modules for all early learning and childcare practitioners

Published: 25 Feb 2020

Free online modules available to all early learning and childcare (ELC) practitioners providers and open to all ELC workers.

25 Feb 2020
Training modules for all early learning and childcare practitioners

This suite of free online modules is available to all ELC providers and open to all ELC workers – not just those delivering the statutory entitlement.

We know that the single most important driver of the quality of a child’s early learning and childcare (ELC) experience is a high quality workforce. Continuous professional learning (CPL) is an essential component of ELC quality and is linked to children’s development. We want a well-trained, professional and skilled workforce with access to high quality training resources to help deliver the best ELC experience for our children. Evidence suggests that CPL helps ensure staff are aware of best practice and are continually supported in their workplace.

Being an online resource these modules also seek to address barriers to learning through virtual and distance models, providing flexible, accessible and affordable learning. The modules will be accessed on the SSSC website and the National CPL Directory for ELC. Some modules will be available by spring 2020 and the remaining modules by the end of 2020. We will update this page as the modules become available.


Link and instructions

Module 1: Understanding the social factors which may impact on children’s outcomes in the early years.


Module 2: Supporting parents to further engage in their children’s development.


Module 3: Supporting the development and progression of children’s early language and literacy. 

Create an account and search for “language” or "literacy" to enrol

Module 4: Developing an understanding of curriculum rationale.


Module 5: Tracking and monitoring of children’s learning to ensure continuity and progression, including during key transition stages.


Module 6: Building confidence in identifying and responding to additional support needs.


Module 7: Staff skills, knowledge and confidence in delivering learning in STEM subjects. 

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