Tobacco Control: Research and Evaluation Sub-Group

A sub-group of the Scottish Ministerial Working Group on Tobacco Control.


Ensure that the Scottish Government and the Scottish Ministerial Working Group on Tobacco Control, and its stakeholders, are kept abreast of all important and relevant new Scottish, UK and international research findings in the field of tobacco control.


  • Professor Linda Bauld (Chairperson), University of Stirling
  • Dr Crawford Moodie, University of Stirling
  • Dr Garth Reid, NHS Health Scotland
  • Dr Helen Sweeting, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Kate Hunt, University of Glasgow
  • Lesley Sinclair, University of Stirling
  • Professor David Tappin, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Sally Haw, University of Stirling
  • Sheila Duffy, ASH Scotland
  • Jamie Pearce, University of Edinburgh
  • Professor Amanda Amos, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Sean Semple, University of Stirling
  • Professor Jeffrey Colin, University of Edinburgh
  • Marium Uddin, NHS National Services Scotland

Scottish Government officials

  • Morris Fraser
  • Elaine Mitchell
  • John Glen
  • Stephen Young


Previous minutes are in our website archive.

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