Thyroid cancer - clinical quality performance indicators: engagement document

Provides guidance to the thyroid cancer quality improvement indicator engagement document. The survey can be accessed on our Citizen Space engagement document.

Appendix 1: Thyroid Cancer QPI Development Group Membership (2023)

Rob Jones (Chair), Consultant Medical Oncologist, WoSCAN

Prakash Abraham, Consultant & Lead Endocrinologist, SCAN

Richard Adamson, ENT Surgeon, SCAN

Lisa Black, Clinical Nurse Specialist, SCAN

Jen Doherty, Project Co-ordinator , National Cancer Quality Programme

Christine Dodds, Senior Cancer Audit Facilitator, SCAN

Kathryn Graham, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, WoSCAN

Linda Kempton (to July 23) / Caron Smith (from Aug 23), Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist (Head, Neck & Thyroid), SCAN

Claire Lawrie, Senior Programme Manager, National Services Scotland

Morna MacNeill, Consultant Pathologist, SCAN

Carol Marshall, Audit Manager, WoSCAN

Laura Matia Herrero, Project Support, Scottish Cancer Network

Claire McArthur, Consultant Head and Neck Radiologist, WoSCAN

Nicola McCloskey-Sellar, Regional Manager (Cancer), SCAN

Bryan McKellar, Regional Manager (Cancer), NCA

Julie McMahon, Information Analyst, WoSCAN

Anna Morton, Programme Manager, Scottish Cancer Network

Hugh O'Pray, Data Analyst , National Services Scotland

Pamela Reid, Clinical Nurse Specialist, SCAN

Mark Strachan, Consultant Endocrinologist / Scottish Thyroid Cancer Network Lead, SCAN

Lorraine Stirling, Project Officer , National Cancer Quality Programme

Lucy Wall, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, SCAN

Irene Wotherspoon, Clinical Nurse Specialist, WoSCAN



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