Investigation and prosecution of sheriff solemn cases: thematic review

The Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland's review of the investigation and prosecution of sheriff solemn cases.

Key Findings

  • Following implementation of the reforms, key performance indicators demonstrate an increase in earlier resolution of cases and reduced churn. (Page 19)
  • There was a high degree of compliance by prosecutors with their statutory duty to agree evidence. (Page 29)
  • By the first diet 72% of cases had been resolved or were continued to trial. (Page 30)
  • 79% of all cases were resolved by or at the first trial diet. (Page 37)
  • The standard of communication, for victims within the VIA remit, fell below what should be expected for 35% of victims. (Page 43)
  • Standard special measures were obtained in 100% of cases for victims/witnesses who were automatically entitled to such measures. (Page 48)
  • There was an inconsistent approach taken to exploring whether special measures were necessary or appropriate for victims/witnesses who were not automatically entitled to standard special measures but have other vulnerabilities. (Page 48)



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