Tenanted Agricultural Land in Scotland 2014

Latest statistics of agricultural rents and some data on profitability of tenanted farms

1. Main findings

Total area rented source Table 2

Total area rented

Farm business income 2012/13 source Table 4

Farm business income

Average rent £/ha (real terms) source Table 5

Average rent £/ha (real terms)

In 2014[1] approximately 23 per cent of agricultural land in Scotland was rented on a full tenancy or croft, with 13 per cent seasonally let.

The total area of rented agricultural land has remained broadly constant in recent years, but with a move from longer-term to seasonal lets, and a slight fall in both in 2014.

There was no clear pattern as to whether tenanted farms were more or less profitable than owned farms.

The average rent in 2014/15 was £38 per hectare; £25 per hectare for LFA holdings and £125 per hectare for non-LFA farms. On average, rents increased by six per cent in 2014 (four per cent in real terms), ten per cent for LFA holdings and one per cent for non-LFA.

The trend shows above-inflation increases in rent since 2008.


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