TEC programme data review and evaluation: options study

This report presents the findings from the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) programme data review and evaluation option study.


1. . A comprehensive summary of TEC evidence has been compiled by the NHS

2. See TEC Strategic Priorities 2018-21 Final, Board Paper

3. This figure relates to local authorities only and excludes those accessing telecare via a housing association or any other private arrangements

4. As mentioned earlier, the programme was developed based on an existing evidence base. The summary in Appendix 1 only includes findings from new evaluations carried out as part of the TEC programme. Some 'gaps' may, therefore, exist due to the evidence base already being established elsewhere


6. This project synthesised strategies from a review of the health and mental health literatures as well as a variety of healthcare quality improvement initiatives within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. They proposed 72 discrete implementation strategies (with varied levels of complexity) and gave recommendations on selecting implementation strategies appropriate to the service setting (Powell et al, 2015).

7. Consistent use of assumptions and values should be a goal of any future evaluation, although there will be instances where the specificities of the intervention or local context will mean that a study may have to diverge from the standardised measures.

8. The analysis here represents a snapshot of the evidence available at the time of the review. Further work is currently underway, including a forthcoming analysis of the economic benefits of HMHM.

9. This was based on the author's assessment of how the strength of the evidence. For example, an outcome that was covered in several studies using a mix of methods in different geographies with good sample sizes would be considered to have a high confidence in the finding.


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