Technical note on the calculation of the baseline for the Detect Cancer Early HEAT target

This technical note details the rationale behind the choice of data source for, and method of calculation of, the basleine for the Detect Cancer Early HEAT target.

6. Publication and performance management

6.1 ISD published the 2010/2011 DCE baseline figures in their statistical publication 'Detect Cancer Early Baseline' on 28th May 2013. This contained the number and percentage by stage of diagnosis for the three tumour types included in the DCE programme - breast, colorectal and lung - for the combined period 2010 and 2011. Figures were made available at national, NHS Board and Cancer Network level for both the individual and combined tumour types.

6.2 As with all HEAT targets and standards, public reporting of the DCE HEAT target will be done through the Scotland Performs website. Data will be updated annually in line with the release of ISD published data. The first measurement against the target will be for 2011/2012 and is likely to be available in Autumn 2013.


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