Sustaining the Commitment: update report

Updates and next steps from the 4 UK Chief Nursing Officers on the actions from the 2012 publication Strengthening the Commitment about learning disability nursing.

Promoting competence

A number of products were commissioned via NHS Education for Scotland during the programme, the work focuses on:

  • improving health equalities for people by the development of the Equal Health Framework and associated learning resources
  • supporting workforce development in Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support
  • developing a range of resources to enhance staff's knowledge and skills in supporting people with learning disability who have complex care and support needs

The resources, which are available for wide use across the UK, can be found on the NHS Education for Scotland website and include

Throughout, the programme has sought to strengthen the role of RNLDs recognising the benefits of having specifically prepared nurses to support people with learning disabilities.

As a consequence of the programme, progress has been made in strengthening the profession by ensuring networks that provide a platform to promote, share and develop the contribution of learning disability nurses, developing competence within the profession and across the wider health and social care system, providing outcome measures and resources to reduce health inequalities and strengthening leadership among learning disability nursing.



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