Surrender and compensation scheme in Scotland for certain offensive weapons: guidance

This guidance provides detailed information on why a Surrender and Compensation Scheme in Scotland for certain offensive weapons is necessary. It also provides guidance on how to surrender an eligible weapon to Police Scotland and receive compensation if appropriate.

3. Entitlement (level of compensation payable)

Annex B sets out the standard list of values for the items that fall to be surrendered to Police Scotland under this scheme. This is the minimum amount of compensation that the Scottish Government will pay to the legal owners of items that are surrendered to Police Scotland under this scheme.

If you consider that your item(s) is worth more than the level of compensation set out in the Values List, you will need to provide sufficient supporting evidence of the item's value, which must be submitted along with a completed claim form at the time of surrendering the item to Police Scotland. Supporting evidence of a valuation of an item being surrendered may include:

a) a valuation from an auction house,

b) evidence of the price paid for the purchase of the item and the date of purchase, or

c) published evidence of the value of the item.

This evidence will then be forwarded to the Scottish Government for consideration. Police Scotland have no role in considering and/or paying compensation with all queries in this respect to be addressed to the Scottish Government. As stated above, failure to do so may result in a delay in obtaining compensation, receiving compensation which equates to the list value only or even no compensation being awarded at all for those items.



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