Supporting Young People's Health & Wellbeing - A Summary of Scottish Government Policy

This document sets out a summary of the key Scottish Government policies that aim to support young people's health and wellbeing. It is a broad overview and does not attempt to describe every policy or initiative that will have an impact on young people's health in Scotland.


No single Scottish Government Directorate has policy responsibility for young people's health and wellbeing and there is no overarching framework that sets out the Scottish Government's approach to youth health and youth health improvement. Much of the policy that relates to youth health is topic-based rather than integrated. The policy landscape for youth health is therefore complex and it can be difficult for service providers and practitioners to navigate their way through this complexity. This paper aims to draw together key Scottish Government policies on youth health into a single document in an attempt to simplify some of that landscape.

As policy continually evolves, the reader should bear in mind that this paper will only ever represent a snapshot of policy at a particular point in time.


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