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Scottish Veterans Fund: impact report

Published: 25 Jun 2019

An impact report on the Scottish Veterans Fund and the projects supported by it.

Scottish Veterans Fund: impact report


Total granted in 2018-19 - £18,000

The seven comradeship projects in 2018-19 have provided opportunities for veterans and their families to come together and support each other. As ever, delivery of the services has come in many shapes and forms, from drop in centres and regular breakfast events, to gardens where veterans can work together for the benefit of their community.


Bravehound - Grant £14,812

Bravehound’s main role is the training and provision of companion dogs for veterans with PTSD. However, Bravehound also run horticultural therapy for 30 veterans.

The grant from the Scottish Veterans Fund supported a project which combated loneliness and isolation, raised wider awareness of veteran’s issues, and helped veterans develop horticultural skills.

Veterans, working alongside volunteers and children from Broxburn Academy, created a garden for the Gardening Scotland Show in 2018. The theme was a Black Watch Soldier returning home from the First World War and the garden was awarded the Silver Gilt Award by the judges.

The show attracted 30,000 visitors, providing a fantastic opportunity for the public to meet the veterans involved, to learn about their service and the benefits the veterans gained from being a part of the project.

One of the veterans said, “This was the best thing I have ever done, I’m so proud of what we achieved”.

Communities and Nature International

Communities and Nature International run The Gurkha Centre (TGC) in Aberdeen that provides a drop in and outreach service for the growing populations of Gurkhas who are settling in the area.

The project set out to hire a Nepali speaking Veteran Support Officer and to produce a Nepali/English pamphlet listing the local resources and amenities.

The service aims to help the Gurkha community integrate with wider community and access local services with confidence by partnering with other organisations.

“I came to Aberdeen from Nepal but I was not quite sure about the systems and services here including my pension arrangements. The Officers from The Gurkha Centre helped me to understand the systems and services here in the UK and connected me to the agencies including GPs and Gurkha Welfare Trust. With their support I managed to change my addresses and pension details, and all went smoothly afterwards. Many thanks to The Gurkha Centre; we are so lucky having them here at Aberdeen.”
Krishna Tamang, a Gurkha veteran.

Communities and Nature International - Grant £9,217