Supporting transgender young people in schools: equality impact assessment

Assessing how the policy on supporting transgender pupils in school will work best, and how it could affect other groups.

Equality Impact Assessment Record

Title of policy/ practice/ strategy/ legislation etc. Supporting Transgender Young People In Schools guidance
Ministers Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Older People
Lead official Laura Meikle, Support and Wellbeing Unit
Officials involved in the EQIA name team
Team members Support and Wellbeing Unit
Directorate: Division: Team Learning Directorate Improvement, Attainment and Wellbeing Division Support and Wellbeing Unit
Is this new policy or revision to an existing policy? The policy on the support of transgender pupils in school is underpinned by the Equality Act 2010 which sets out the legal framework for the promotion of equality and prevention of discrimination across protected characteristics, including gender reassignment. The development of this new guidance follows on from guidance published by LGBT Youth Scotland in 2017.


Policy Aim

The purpose of the guidance is to provide advice and information to responsible bodies - education authorities, grant-aided and independent schools - on the provision of support for transgender young people[1].

The guidance aims to align with the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant legislative requirements.

Who will it affect?

The purpose of the guidance is to set out advice and guidance to ensure that transgender young people in schools are supported to fully benefit from educational opportunities available to them. The guidance also comments, in some areas, on the rights of all young people in schools, girls, and parents and carers.

What might prevent the desired outcomes being achieved?

It is necessary for those working in schools to have confidence in the actions that they take in meeting the needs of transgender young people. It is recognised that this can be complex and that school staff may be worried about accidentally upsetting or offending young people , This practical advice and guidance will support school staff in providing support to transgender young people as part of ensuring that they are able to fully benefit from the educational opportunities available to them.



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