Supporting disabled children, young people and their families: consultation analysis

Following the Supporting Disabled Children, Young People and their Families consultation in June 2018, this report is the analysis of those responses.


In summary, the resource is seen to be valuable as a central document that consolidates the range of policies covering disabled children, young people and their families – indeed, 67% think that the vision for the resource is appropriate.

However, it is felt that there are areas where the information content of the resource could be improved, this is in relation to the provision of local services, particularly in relation to advocacy and support, information on mental health for disabled children and young people, and information on the support available to families, parents and carers of disabled children.

There are also key messages in terms of the impact of the resource, as discussed in the overall perceptions section, there is a view that local services should be improved to deliver the national policies and aims detailed in the resource document. Moreover, the language of the document should be reviewed in terms of accessibility for children and families , in addition to simplifying the language it was felt that case studies should cover real-life examples rather than best practice .



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