Sub-Scotland economic statistics group: minutes May 2019

Minutes and papers of the 30 May 2019 meeting of the Scottish Government's sub-Scotland economic statistics group.

Attached documents include the following slides and papers:

Agenda item 2 (and slides) - Clyde Gateway Project (Niki Spence/Clare Ferry)

Agenda Item 4 - Whom can DREAM®trade help over Brexit and how? (Hervey Gibson)

Agenda Item 6 - Local labour market (Gayle Mackie)

Agenda Item 7 - Scottish Centre for Inclusive Growth (Dette Cowden)

SSESG 30 May 2018: agenda
SSESG 30 May 2018: minutes
SSESG 30 May 2018: item 2
SSESG 30 May 2018: item 2 (slides)
SSESG 30 May 2018: item 4
SSESG 30 May 2018: item 6
SSESG 30 May 2018: item 7


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