Strengthening the Commitment - The Interim Report of Scotland's National Implementation Group

The publication of Strengthening the Commitment: the report of the UK Modernising Learning Disability Nursing Review brought a welcome focus on learning disability nursing at UK and Scotland level. This interim report presents progress in Scotland. It provides an overview of successes, best practice and outlines the next steps in continuing our commitment to strengthening learning disability nursing and ensuring people with a learning disability receive the care they want, need and deserve.

Scotland’s Reference Group

The Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities supported the Reference Group during the review of learning disability nursing. We are delighted to have been able to invest in supporting the group’s continued role in taking the work forward.

The Reference Group has identified areas of work to enhance the implementation of Strengthening the Commitment and to which people with learning disabilities can make important, valued and expert contributions. The group will recruit new members and develop a co-production plan to take forward the next phase. Supported by facilitators from the Scottish Consortium for Learning Disabilities, the Reference Group will review the potential areas of work they have identified to think about how they can maximise their contribution to Strengthening the Commitment.


Email: Scott Taylor

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