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Data management, collection and use: strategic action plan

Published: 25 Feb 2015
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Version 2 of the strategic action plan produced by our Data Management Board reflects stakeholder views and comments received on version 1.

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Data management, collection and use: strategic action plan
Section 2: Resources

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Section 2: Resources

Link to membership of the Data Management Board and minutes of all meeting held:

Sharing of Personal Data for Operational Purposes

Data Protection Act:

ICO Data Sharing Code of Practice:

Scottish Accord for the Sharing of Personal Information:

Identity Assurance and Privacy Principles:

Sharing of Data for Analysis and Statistics and Data Linkage

Guiding Principles for Data Linkage:

Data Linkage Framework:

Scotland's Environment:

Open Data

Scottish spatial data infrastructure:

Glasgow's Open Data portal:

UK Government's Open Data portal:

Open Data Institute:

Open Knowledge Foundation Scotland :

Data Innovation

Future City Glasgow -

Data Lab website -

Edinburgh Apps 2014 Challenge website:

EU Legislation and Communications

INSPIRE Directive relating to Spatial Data -

The Directive on the re-use of public sector information (Directive 2003/98/ EC, known as the ' PSI Directive'):

EU Communication on a Data Driven Economy:


This delivery plan will enable the Data Management Board to monitor the progress of the short and medium term actions already identified, with new actions incorporated as required.

Sharing of Personal Data Milestones Lead Responsibility
Publish an information sharing strategic framework for health and social care which sets out

key principles

requires partnerships to have information sharing agreements

sets out what can be done at national level and what at partnership level

supports mobile and flexible working

Published Feb 2015 Information Sharing Board
Develop a national level information architecture and information sharing standards for health and social care linked to the public sector High Level Operating Framework for digital public services Sep 2015 Information Sharing Board
Develop guidance and support for the use of personal identifiers for health and social care. This work should be applicable to other areas. June 2015 Information Sharing Board
Scottish Government will disseminate guidance and good practice across Scotland via web-based signposting January - March 2015 Scottish Government
Establish Baseline data for Benefit 12 in the Measurements and Benefits Framework and report year 1 findings. January 2015 DPS National Level Actions Programme Board
Sharing and Linkage of Data to support Statistics and Research Milestones Lead Responsibility
A range of national and local actions are planned:
  • Develop and launch a SILC website that directs researchers and data controllers to useful resources, and provides lay-friendly explanations of procedures for the public
Beta Version complete - awaiting sign-off by SILC- SMB (being established) - end Feb 2015 Scottish Informatics and Linkage Collaboration - Strategic Management Board ( SILC- SMB)

( NB: previously the Data Linkage Framework Programme Board)
  • Improve co-ordination and harmonisation of high standards in safe and ethical data management and linkage practices across Safe Havens via establishment of a Safe Haven Charter
Sent out on 24 November for final consultation. Publish mid-March 2015.
  • define suitable training for researchers who wish to access personal or potentially disclosive data via any SILC route and produce a clear and consistent approach for approving safe researcher training courses in Scotland
Safe researcher training defined and agreed by the Data Linkage Programme Board (August 2014). Approval process identified and will be proposed to the SILC- SMB at their inaugural meeting ( TBC).
  • Stimulate data linkage activities across the public sector and explore opportunities for joint working between SILC and the centres and programmes within the 'Innovative Data' landscape
Public Policy Challenges on prevention, reducing inequalities and increasing civic participation launched at Data Lab (October 2014). This will support collaboration across landscape including ADRC, urban big data centre and Farr.
Guiding Principles will be incorporated into Safe Researcher Training delivered by Farr and ADLS (agreed August 2014). SILC will operate under the Guiding Principles (underwritten in MoA - final sign-off end Feb 2015).
Open Data Key Milestones Lead Responsibility
Develop an Open Data Strategy setting out guiding principles for open data in Scotland. First version published - February 2015
Development of resource pack to support strategy implementation (January-June 2015)

Expand the capability of the current Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics data portal, using Open Data technologies to make statistical data more accessible and easier to re-use.

Develop and launch a Scottish Data Discovery Site (January- December 2015)

Put in place a framework for training (January 2016 )

Engage with data users to support prioritisation of data to publish and usage of published data (January-June 2015)

Ensure awareness of revised EU PSI regulation (from March 2015)
Data Management Board

Data Management Board

Data Management Board

Data Management Board

Data Management Board

Data Management Board

Data Management Board Members
Report on Benefit 7 from the Measurements and Benefits Framework, setting out the baseline. 2015 (date to be confirmed) DPS National Level Actions Programme Board
Continue development of the Scottish spatial data infrastructure Tied into Inspire which runs to 2020 Spatial Information Board
Ensuring public sector bodies comply with Inspire obligations to publish transformed spatial data using open and encourage and promote collaborative projects amongst the public sector to procure or develop new spatial data products Inspire has a range of milestones running until 2020. Spatial Information Board
Data Innovation Key Milestones Lead Responsibility
Stimulate the innovative use of data to improve public service delivery through issuing a set of Data Challenges to the data community, each aligned with the Scottish Government's Purpose and National Outcomes Workshops to be held early 2015 Data Management Board
Promote alignment and co-ordination of the work of the range of data innovation and analysis initiatives to maximise Scotland's impact By March 2015 Review progress annually [Scottish Government to discuss with Scottish Funding Council]
Working with the Cities Alliance to achieve an agreed programme of collaborative and individual investments that will enable Scotland's cities to develop their smart city capabilities. 1) develop a smart city maturity model and self- assessment tool that will assist cities in defining their strategic intent, current capabilities and required future investments (October 2014 - completed)
2) Analyse combined assessments by cities to produce investment road map that identifies opportunities for collaboration across cities. January / February 2015
3) Obtain relevant approvals to progress with investment programme and pursue funding opportunities -including from European Structural Funds 2014-2020 programme. (by June 2015)
4) consider any resource / capability implications arising to enable delivery of the proposed programme. (March 2015).
Scottish Government and Cities Alliance
Public Confidence, Privacy and Ethics Milestones Lead Responsibility
Encourage application of the Identity Management and Privacy Principles across all public sector bodies in Scotland Publish v2 by January 2015 - completed.
Continued promotion.
Scottish Government
Data Management Board members
Encourage transparency of all boards and committees with oversight of personal or potentially identifiable data issues, for example through publication of all papers and minutes under Open Government licence, publication of details of who to contact if anyone wishes to comment, and inclusion of a lay-member in all meetings. Continued promotion Data Management Board members
SILC - Strategic Management Board to provide Data Management Board with proposals for Citizen engagement tbc once proposals received tbc once proposals received
Leadership, Data Management and Data Quality Milestones Lead Responsibility
Develop approaches to support public sector organisations improve their data quality Draft proposals in Spring 2015 Proposals to the Data Management Board from Scottish Government
Skills Milestones Lead Responsibility
Scottish Government/Skills Development Scotland have commissioned a skills gap analysis in relation to public sector ICT skills. Specific questions relate to data (analysis, GIS and data management). Will provide evidence base which will include how to support improved data collection, management and use across public bodies Report published December 2014 and is informing next steps Data Management Board working with the DPS National Level Actions Programme Board
Data Infrastructure Milestones Lead Responsibility
Local Government to continue to pursue a collaborative, sectoral approach to the management of spatial data with the purpose of providing access to any spatial data created by local government in a consistent form. Business case by end June 2015. Spatial Information Board
Ensure any standards developed are aligned with the High Level Operating Framework and endorsed by the Technical and Design Board As developed Data Management Board Members