Closure of the French border to UK freight: statement by the First Minister - 21 December 2020

Statement following a meeting today of SGoRR, the Scottish Government’s emergency resilience committee, on the closure of the French border to UK freight.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“We are closely engaged with the UK Government, pressing them to find an urgent solution and get the Channel ports open again. That is the overriding priority.

“What is reassuring is that Scotland is well stocked with food and medical supplies. We are in close communication with the NHS and with food retailers and there is no issue that causes concern for the immediate few days ahead. We will be monitoring this position closely - particularly as we move into the post-Christmas period.

“What absolutely is an immediate concern is the impact on exporters, not least of perishable goods such as seafood. This is their most critical time of year and right now, their products are trapped miles from their markets. That has to be urgently resolved.

“We have raised the question of financial support for those hit by this action with the UK. We stand ready to help in any practical way we can as this situation develops and will keep all actions under active review.”

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