Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland: Action to support the change programme, Scotland's National Dementia Strategy

Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland

Measuring the standards

Each standard is measurable. Because the standards are based on outcomes for people with dementia there is no one measurement that can be used across all the standards. Each standard has been given at least one way it can be measured but in many cases there will be more than one. The blue column in the table of standards in the rest of this document gives examples of how each can be measured.

Here is the code used for measuring the standards.


Internal reporting

External reporting

A Audit

Self audit of case files/records.

The Scottish Government will:

  • Collect benchmarking data.
  • Give national guidance on priorities for measuring services against standards.
  • Collate information for an overall report on the implementation of the standards.

External visiting, scrutiny and improvement organisations will:

  • Examine self-reports against standards (including compliance with existing care standards and compliance with care pathways) and other information available to them.
  • Conduct visits and inspections on the basis of greatest risk that standards are not being met.
  • Report to the Scottish Government on their overall findings.

C Care Pathway

Self assessment of compliance with/ variation from recognised care pathway.

D Data

Use of data that is already collected (or soon will be) from other sources ( e.g. via benchmarking data).

E Environment

Carrying out environmental audits, walking around and checking.

F Feedback

Seeking views of people with dementia, carers and staff using a variety of methods.

Reviews of complaints and comments.

I Individual

Production of individual case reports to demonstrate examples of compliance with the standard.

P Policy and Planning

Can demonstrate compliance by way of internal policies, protocols and service description.

S Standards

Self report on compliance with national care standards.

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