Devolved social security benefits: stakeholder engagement toolkit

This toolkit contains an overview of the delivery of devolved benefits, delivery timetable, factsheets and information on spreading the word about devolved benefits.

Delivery Timetable

What is happening next and when?



Summer 2019

Best Start Foods

Summer 2019

Funeral Support Payment

Autumn 2019

Young Carer Grant

As soon as practicable

Job Grant

By the end of this Parliamentary term (March 2021)

Scottish Child Payment (under 6s)

Summer 2020

Disability Assistance for Children and Young People will open to new claims (replaces Disability Living Allowance for children).

Summer 2020

Eligibility for Disability Assistance for Children and Young People extended from age 16 to age 18.

By end 2020

Children who receive the highest care component of Disability Assistance become entitled to Winter Heating Assistance (16,000 children; £200 payment).

Early 2021

Disability Assistance for Working Age People will open to new claims (replaces UK Government's Personal Independence Payment).

Early 2021

Start new additional payment for carers who look after more than one disabled child.


Disability Assistance for Older People (over 65) will open to new claims (replaces Attendance Allowance).

Winter 2021

Winter Heating Assistance and Cold Spell Heating Assistance delivered to eligible recipients in their current form and to those in receipt of assistance from Social Security Scotland.

Early 2022

Scottish Carer's Allowance opens to new claims (this will be one regular payment made up of Carers Allowance, Carer's Allowance Supplement and, if applicable payments for carers of more than one disabled child).

Autumn 2022

Employment Injury Assistance

By the end of 2022

Scottish Child Payment (all children under 16)


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