Social care support reform: partnership programme framework

Framework for the partnership programme to support local reform of adult social care sets out the priorities, workstreams and vision.

Programme priorities

The programme priorities are the things that people who use social care support and people who work across the system, say must be included in the process so that change can happen.

  • Have a shared agreement on the purpose of social care support. Focus this on human rights and a process that is person-led.
  • Focus on social care support that fits around a person, how they want to live their life, and what is important to them. This includes living as independently as they can and as they wish to. It includes the freedom to move to a different area of Scotland if they want or need to.
  • Focus on equity of experience and expectations across Scotland.
  • Change attitudes towards social care support, so that it is seen as an investment in Scotland's people, society and economy.
  • Value the people who work in social work and social care support.
  • Include and co-produce with people who use social care support, unpaid carers, and wider communities. Strengthen the quality and consistency of co-production at local and national level.
  • Look at investment in social care support, and how it is funded and paid for in the future.
  • Evaluate and learn from data and experience.



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